Musician & Author

Siena Facciolo is a singer-songwriter, author, podcast host, and music educator. She regularly performs soul-pop music with her band, featuring original music with pocket beats and lyrical melodies that evoke Carole King and Regina Spektor. Siena has a strong voice: powerful, honest, and dynamic. A classically-trained pianist and vocalist, Siena holds a B.A. in Music from the University of Rochester. She hosts The Process podcast, and teaches private piano, voice and songwriting lessons. You can listen to Siena’s music on YouTube, Spotify, BandCamp, Apple Music, and all other streaming platforms.

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getting lost on backroads

Top down, blind man navigating, high 70s, ice cream dripping onto overalls, sunburnt lips, skin touching accidentally on the stick shift, laughing at nothing, no radio, the man who never married, the woman who is newly engaged, the old and the young, getting lost on backroads in upstate New York.

the displacement of anger

We are running through a living room, on the north side of the house, unsure if this is a game or a real life-or-death situation. My sister has my bead container. It’s this plastic box with tiny compartments for each type of bead, and all of my treasures are inside it. THIS BOX CONTAINS EVERYTHING…

a springtime view out the window

The silver pole peeks out from my neighbor’s roof, still, in the late-spring sunlight. Midnight blue wrapped thrice around it, deflated and confused. Looking at the stars, I feel sad, as if I will suffocate under their weight. Below, the red and white stripes float lazily in the breeze, mirroring the newly-arrived leaves on the…

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