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suddenly, there was light

It was as if the ceiling cracked suddenly, and the light danced all around us, defying all fear or obligation.

the first year

The first year that I cut down all the dead kudzu, putting a tarp down to stop the new growth. The first year that all of our plants are on shelves. The first year that we only have one plaid couch. The first year that we have a real living room that I can read…

why do we mourn so

Let’s set the scene: it’s Saturday, noon is long gone, the rain makes steady music as it plop plop plops on our living room windows, and we are scraping eggs off our mismatching breakfast plates. My body feels calm, grateful, open. I open the hardware-store paper bag labeled “Seeds We Already Planted” and dump the…

Siena Facciolo is a singer-songwriter, author, podcast host, and music educator. She regularly performs soul-pop music with her band, featuring original music with pocket beats and lyrical melodies that evoke Carole King and Regina Spektor. Siena has a strong voice: powerful, honest, and dynamic. A classically-trained pianist and vocalist, Siena holds a B.A. in Music from the University of Rochester. She hosts The Process podcast, and teaches private piano, voice and songwriting lessons. You can listen to Siena’s music on YouTube, Spotify, BandCamp, Apple Music, and all other streaming platforms.

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