Musician & Author

Siena Facciolo is a singer-songwriter, author, podcast host, and music educator. She regularly performs soul-pop music with her band, featuring original music with pocket beats and lyrical melodies that evoke Carole King and Regina Spektor. Siena has a strong voice: powerful, honest, and dynamic. A classically-trained pianist and vocalist, Siena holds a B.A. in Music from the University of Rochester. She hosts The Process podcast, and teaches private piano, voice and songwriting lessons. You can listen to Siena’s music on YouTube, Spotify, BandCamp, Apple Music, and all other streaming platforms.

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emotional labor in daily life

“Emotional labor involves modifying our emotional expression – our speech, facial expressions, and body language – to satisfy organizational goals and requirements. For instance, we may need to outwardly express an emotion we aren’t actually feeling inside. Or we may need to suppress an emotion we’re feeling, because it isn’t considered appropriate at work. Emotional…

attention is

Attention is closeness. Attention is surrender to the ordinary. Attention is what happens when God becomes elemental. Attention is intimacy with mortality. Attention is freedom. Attention accepts but does not make excuses for. Attention is love.

have I written this haiku before?

sweet cream treats melting dreams of young summers smiling so simple it hurts PS. Have I written this haiku before? I think I have.

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