I offer piano lessons, voice lessons, and songwriting lessons for kids and teens, beginner through advanced levels.

Music Lessons in Rochester, NY

Piano Lessons

I teach classical piano technique in a unique way that fits each student’s learning style, so that lessons are always engaging and inspiring. My students become independent, thriving musicians, and learn to love music from the inside out.

Depending on the student, I may incorporate improvisation and composition into lessons, as well as pop music, lead sheets, songwriting, visualizing music, duets, blues patterns, and musical games.

Focus areas: strong technique, reading music notation, arranging and composing, improvisation, deep listening, instinctual/expressive playing

Songwriting Lessons

You’ll learn something new in every lesson. Whether you are bringing prewritten songs that you want to workshop, or learning how to write a song from scratch with no experience, I will help you build confidence with songwriting.

Voice Lessons

The voice is an organic instrument. For that reason, my voice lessons focus on the imagination as the primary tool we have to sing well. My students learn how to maintain an even tone throughout their range, hone in on their natural voice, and expand their technical skills so that they can sing the music they love.

I encourage my students to reach just outside of their comfort zone without straining, to ensure that they gain confidence in themselves as vocalists.

Focus areas: ergonomic vocal technique, interval training, even tone, expanding range, clear tone, healthy posture

Pedagogy Workshops

Have you been studying piano avidly for awhile, and would like to start teaching? I love helping piano teachers reach the next level in their career. My pedagogy workshops prepare you to teach beginner to intermediate students how to break down pieces, play by ear, and practice more effectively. After 2 workshops, you’ll be able to teach the music you love, and help your students become budding musicians themselves.


My child studied piano with Siena for two years, until Siena left Montpelier, Vermont for her own studies. I have put three children through piano lessons, and so knew a good teacher when I met one, particularly in her seemingly innate understanding about how to ineract and connect with her students, and find musical pieces for them to work on that engaged the students, and made them feel excited to return to lessons every week. My only regret is that my child did not have more time with Siena before she moved out of town.


Siena is a wonderful teacher to my 7 year old daughter, she’s very professional and patient. And my daughters piano skills have improved so much since she started working with Siena.


I’ve been taking piano lessons with Siena for about 4 years now, and I’ve significantly grown under her instruction. I went from an average pianist to composing my own pieces with her guiding and encouraging me along the way. I’m very thankful that she teaches me as an individual, rather than following a book 🙂


Start your musical journey today.